Chris's Yota Buggy

Vehicle:  Yota Buggy
Engine:  22r
Transmission:  w56
Transfer Case:  Dual toyota cases, 2.28 & 4.7
Any adapters:  n/a
Axles:  Toyota axles, 5.29's, 30 spline longfields, locker up front, spool in the rear
Suspension/Lift:  Rear toyota leafs in front, 4-link rear
Wheels & Tires:  36x14.5x15 Mickey T's
Winch:  n/a
Interior:  n/a
Paint:  Kawi Green in the works
Accessories:  OBA
Tow Rig:  '87 Suburban Dually 454, th400
Trailer:  n/a


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